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Structured derivatives

The market of structured derivatives, with the help of its multi dimensional and depth allow traders to trade without any delays.

Risk Warning: Please note that trading in CFDs and other leveraged product may involve a significant level of risk and is not suitable for the all investors.

Working across all asset classes – foreign exchange, fixed income, equities, and commodities – we offer swaps, dividend swaps, total return swaps, options and innovative solutions created for specific client situations. We have a proven track record in creating research-driven, tailor-made synthetic products.

A mix of scholarly and industry mastery, we have been associated with cases relating to the activity and structure of the business sectors in which subordinates and organized items are exchanged.

Prior Capital CY Ltd has experience with a number of derivatives product types and structured financing, including:

  • Futures, forwards, options and swaps

  • Exotic and compound options

  • Auction rate securities (ARS) and contingent liquidity instruments

  • Structured credit, correlation, and relative-value trading practices

  • Mortgage-backed securities ("MBS")

  • Financial Guarantees

  • Trust-issued securities (e.g., trust-preferred stock and trust-issued contingent capital)

Expert skills in the following fields:

  • Financial instrument valuation

  • Common market practices and trading conventions

  • Evaluations of hedging effectiveness

  • Derivatives clearing and settlement

  • Analysis of the design and economic substance of financial products and structures