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A full platform for the algorithmic trading.

Step-by-step support, direct access to the markets, instant execution, unique analytical information and appropriate software for algorithmic trading for our corporate and private clients.


Our goal at Prior Capital is to be your forward-thinking partner. We provide our clients with all of the necessary tools and in-depth expertise in order to create the best possible trading environment which will, in turn, potentially generate the best returns on your investments. As a highly-respected STP Broker in our industry, we believe that direct access to the global markets is the gateway to success. At Prior Capital, we work with investors, which just as us, are aware that the global markets provide a rich environment for expanding personal wealth. By having established an international team of interdisciplinary specialists, Prior Capital has secured its spot as a global leading broker. By pooling individuals from all corners of the world, we have ensured that each expert offers a distinct insight into the markets and enhances our services. Our business model is designed to address the key issues of trading and providing smart solutions, in addition. Prior Capital stands for several core values, but honesty and transparency are key. Everything that we do is in order to improve our clients trading experience, for trust is earned when results are generated. This is why as a regulated broker we strongly believe that by providing the best tools, latest news, and comprehensive research, we enable our clients to make informed decisions using the most transparent platforms available. For this reason, we provide our clients with all of the vital tools and updates in order to allow them to receive the absolute best trading experience. Being a true STP Broker offering minimal commission, we ensure to keep a polished portfolio of professional and institutional clients. We tailor our solutions to clients’ exact needs, continually investing in our network to deliver the highest-quality solutions. Currently, the firm is the top choice of investors in Europe and Asia.