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About Us

To help our corporate and private clients we offer:

• A full platform for algorithmic trading
• Step-by-step support
• Direct access to the markets
• Instant execution
• Unique analytical information
• Appropriate software for algorithmic trading


Prior Capital CY Ltd (Former PriorFx Ltd) is a dynamic, fast growing global investment firm registered in Cyprus in 2013 (license №221/13). Initially, Prior Capital CY Ltd was a true STP Broker before the company expanded its services into Portfolio Management in August 2014.

Since 2016, Prior Capital CY Ltd has been equipped to deal with a wide spectrum of financial instruments including shares, bonds, CFDs, FOREX, futures, safekeeping, administration of financial instruments, options and other derivatives and cryptocurrency.

Prior Capital is an investment company with high adequacy capital ratio over 32% (min. requirement 8%). Our company funds exceed the minimum requirement 10-fold.

Today, Prior Capital demonstrates extraordinary expansion and growth in business operations with Portfolio Management becoming its most prevalent business.

The modern, innovative structure of a customer relations approach is used at the highest level of corporate accompaniment.


Our vision & corporate philosophy lies in the desire to produce and supply unique products for trading. Specifically, we supply trading solutions and algorithmic systems for Forex, Stock Exchange, Futures, and Crypto. Our products have earned an outstanding reputation for producing positive results. So, our aim, is to become one of the finest companies in the financial sector, through spreading our high-quality services as well as embracing the challenges of the future. The vision of Prior Capital CY Ltd serves as a map which guides our specialists to provide top tier assistance in every aspect. We strive to be the best choice for B2C & B2B clients, in order to become an inspiration to all other peers in this business. We pursue a solid goal: building a name that will “make a difference”.


Since 2012, CySEC has been continuously updating their regulatory framework to incorporate several new initiatives that are designed to safeguard the consumers against financial crimes and abuse. Prior Capital CY Ltd is registered and regulated as a Financial Investment Firm by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the European Union Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). Prior Capital CY Ltd is subject to EU MiFID II regulations and other legislative requirements including DPRS and supervised by reputable external auditors BDO.es and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the European Union Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).


The success of this company lies directly in the hardworking hands of those who made it all possible. A result of dedicated employees that are the backbone of this company. The prosperity of our company was achievable thanks to top-tier specialists that are the finest in their areas of expertise. Our main value is our employees. As we have previously stated in regards to the company's corporate philosophy, we strive to deliver our clients with unique products and services which have been made possible due to Prior Capital CY Ltd multi-lingual team of professionals from around the world, who possess long-term experience of successful trading in the financial markets. Our company invests considerable resources in the education and professional development of its staff.


As part of our commitment in providing the best possible service to our clients, Prior Capital CY Ltd upholds effective and transparent procedures for prompt complaint handling for our clients and we maintain records of complaints and take appropriate measures for their resolution, in line with applicable MiFID legislation and guidelines of the CySEC.


The new EU data protection law, the general data protection regulation ( GDPR) came into effect on 25'th of May 2018. The GDPR (EU) 2016/679 gives individuals in the european union (EU) more control over how their data is used and places thirteen obligations of business that process the information of those individuals. In Prior Capital CY LTD we ensure full compliance and have updated our privacy policy to reflect the new requirements of GDPR. For more information please see our privacy policy: (Link


The quickest and most effective way of dealing with any concerns or issues that you may have, is to contact your Customer Support Officer who will do his/her utmost to resolve these. Our Customer Support Officers are trained to deal with a wide range of concerns and enquiries, they will make every effort to work with you and provide the appropriate knowledge and responses. Any concerns or issues will usually be resolved at a very early stage and upon receipt of an official legitimate client complaint, an acknowledgement email reply will be sent to the client.

 Once the investigation is completed, a summary description of the outcome will be sent to you or, where appropriate a final proposal to resolve your complaint would be sent. We will attempt to send our Final Response within two months from the date on which we received your complaint. This may not always be possible, as sometimes the complexity of the complaint may require more time to investigate fully.

We will always abide by regulatory guidelines in relation to a complaint and as such, we will always ensure that complainants are kept informed about their complaint and our activities in response to their complaint.

If you wish to submit a formal complaint you can do so by requesting a phone call below or by sending the complaints form via email at: complaints@priorcapital.eu;